~ Philip H. Diehl & Darlyne Diehl, Ph.D. ~

She (Darlyne) was to tell the story of her journey so that others might benefit from her experience. This message was so intense that we both had very powerful reactions. I was then shown that Darlyne’s mission was to write a book that told of her preparation for death. I knew that her amazing story would change the lives of many. Darlyne was to write it while she was dying.

As I now hold the manuscript in my hands I am so grateful to have been a part of the process. I honor Darlyne and Philip for their commitment and great courage in taking on this mission. Darlyne literally wrote this book for you during the last days of her life. If this amazing book is in your hands, it is there for a reason. This is an extraordinary work, Darlyne’s gift to you, her last task, and its message is one that you need to hear." Deborah Cross, Medium


Traveling Towards Death: Preparing for a New Life

by Philip H. Diehl and Darlyne Diehl, Ph.D.

This book is the result of daily writing, as Philip and Darlyne clarified and expressed their feelings about Darlyne's impending death and Philip's loss.

In an extraordinary reception of direction they decided to share their feelings with the public – an unusual and powerful decision.

They speak clearly, cry openly, and dance for the joy of being alive. Together, Darlyne and Philip have created a compelling, deeply personal and educational portrait of regular folk living life after one has received a terminal diagnosis.

"In our society, death is rarely talked about. It is usually looked upon as something to fear – to be avoided, no matter what the cost. The subject is dark, depressing and terrifying.   We have written a book that gives an alternative perspective on death."
~ Philip & Darlyne

"In this book, I have described my own experiences in preparation for my own death. I give another way of looking at the process, which is a very natural and necessary part of life.

Our book demystifies death. It does so, not only from the experiences that I share, but also from the perspectives of many others."
~ Darlyne

160 pages • 6" x 9"
ISBN 978-0-9727721-9-8

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"Hello. My name is Darlyne. I’m a 62 year-old woman who has been a brittle diabetic for almost 30 years, and wondering if I will be alive for my 63rd birthday. I am writing this book so that I can pass along my personal experiences surrounding my journey

I have researched, compiled and scraped the bottom of my own emotional barrel to bring forth this compilation for you, dear reader. My intention is to pass on a simple, user-friendly guide for any of you preparing for your own death or for that of a loved-one. I hope that by sharing my private life it will become easier for you to make your own choices with confidence and courage.

The subject of death, in our society, is often quite daunting and frightening. A trailblazer can make it easier. Some of my friends, professional colleagues and my husband have been courageous and supportive enough to contribute their expertise as well. Their contributions allow the spectrum of beliefs about death to be more thoroughly and broadly addressed.

I have lived most of my life in extreme anxiety. This is especially true regarding the past 28 years of living with diabetes. NOW, however, I have brought these fears to the light, because I know I have control over when and how I die. I am able to spend the majority of my time in laughter, loving and saying “good-bye” to old friends.~ Darlyne

"I want to be a support for her (Darlyne) through her myriad of diseases: end stage kidney failure, diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, coronary artery disease, asthma, congestive heart failure, blindness, hypothyroidism, hyperlipidemia. She has the most amazing insight and understanding of the “impermanence of form.” Of course she gets afraid and anxious. She’s human. But she’s also realistic and intelligent and quite aware of the frailties of her human body. She has a strong belief in death as a part of  the continuum of life.

You go, girl!  Your spirit will be with me forever. Thank you for the honor and privilege to serve as your family doctor. "Dr. Elizabeth Quillin, M.D.

"Darlyne is my aunt. She has asked me to be a part of her health-team. She has explored her desires, and has made decisions so each of us knows our role. She has struggled with being anxious about how much time she has or has not. She has been humanly anxious regarding fears of what will happen through the process. She has been at extreme peace in knowing her choices.

I believe our greatest lesson in life is to continually come back to the awareness that today is what we have. Use it, be patient in it, breathe it. Love your partner as best you can. Hug your children a little harder and a little longer. And most importantly, hug yourself when you get off track and forget. Thank you Darlyne, for being a continual reminder of that very important, and at times, very challenging task."
Catherine M. Thienes, RN, OCN, HCN.

"Loved-ones all; At about 2pm today (May 23, 2007) Darlyne made her transition.
She did it with majesty and grace, just like Ecton said she would.

I send you love and light from my Angel Darlyne and from myself."
~ Philip

Note: Darlyne recorded her last moments and her request was to include the transcript in her book. We have honored her request.

May 24th, 2007 ~ The Day After — I was leaning up against my motorcycle. I was thinking of Darlyne and Angels and wings, etc. when a tiny baby dragonfly flew up and lit on the headlight of my motorcycle. I reached down and it climbed up on my finger. I brought it up to eye-level and we looked at each other for about five minutes. It then flew away.

I am sure that Darlyne was right there, orchestrating the whole thing. The baby dragonfly was trying out its new wings and it flew to the light, exactly as Darlyne had the previous day. ~ Philip

Darlyne's Day
May 23, 2008

Dear Friends and Family - Loved-Ones All,

I'm spending a quiet day, with the phones off the hook, communing with Darlyne. I just wanted all of you to remember, if perhaps you'd forgotten, that today was the day — one year ago — that Darlyne made her transition. I'd just like all of us to think of her today, especially, and send her much, much love. I know that none of us will ever forget her.

We have a large Rhododendron bush in our front yard here. This morning it burst forth with a multitude of huge, pinkish-white blossoms, to celebrate Darlyne's special day. It was blooming, just like it is now, on the day Darlyne departed. If you feel a special, warm, glowing, loving energy enfolding you today, that's Darlyne hugging you.

I love you, Philip

Darlyne... Smiles

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