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The House on the Hillside

by Ursula H. Meier

Lost Love and New Love, Clouded by Misunderstandings,
Sweep up Two Generations
Under the Burden of an Unexpected Inheritance.

Ursula H. Meier’s beautifully written fourth novel reveals what happens when Chadwick Greene, a wealthy English widower, inherits a Victorian mansion in Germany’s Hartz Mountains. Once the home of his first love, the bequest brings forth long suppressed memories. Chadwick plans a tranquil family vacation at his new possession, but his daughter, Fiona, has committed to film a series of culinary shows in Moscow. However, her husband, Jeffrey, joins his father-in-law.

At their arrival, an unfriendly housekeeper informs the two travelers that the mansion isn’t ready for occupancy. Stuck in their hotel rooms, Chadwick wrestles with the dark ghosts of his first love, while Jeffrey sees his marriage threatened when he is confronted with tabloid photos of Fiona with her co-host, Italian master chef Antonio. Then, the arrival of two women out of the men’s past gives deep insight into earlier times of their lives.

Chadwick’s lovable butler, George, flies in from London to restore the mansion for occupancy and to reunite the family under one roof. The question is, will he also be able to restore Chadwick’s equilibrium and Jeffrey’s outlook on life?

Ursula H. Meier’s warm-hearted novel acquaints us with intriguing people who will long live in our memories.

The House on the Hillside

286 pages
ISBN: 978-1-61170-236-1

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Second Chance in Singapore

by Ursula H. Meier

A Captivating Tale of Three Lonely Travelers
on a Life-Changing Journey

Award winning author Ursula H. Meier takes the reader on another adventurous journey, this time to Asia. This beautifully told story unfolds amid lush flora, intricate customs and elegant hotels in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

On a flight to Singapore, Jeffrey Millner, a young orthopedic surgeon, meets wealthy Englishman, Chadwick Greene, and his beautiful, mysterious daughter, Fiona. Through unforeseen events, the three will be linked for the next two months—time enough for the young doctor to fall in love, but also to realize that Fiona is a troubled young woman. Jeffrey, who understands tragedy, vows to help her shake free from dark childhood memories and find acceptance of her legendary mother’s past.

Second Chance in Singapore

224 pages
ISBN: 978-1-935125-80-8

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Ursula H. Meier

Ursula H. Meier authored the acclaimed historical biography, Hawaii’s Pioneer Botanist, Dr. William Hillebrand, His Life and Letters, and three previous novels—Journey to Freedom, which won the Eudora Welty-Memorial Award; A Night in Odessa; and Second Chance in Singapore.

Ursula lives in Silicon Valley.

To contact her send your email to MeiersMail@aol.com

A Night in Odessa

by Ursula H. Meier

A Novel of Forbidden Love and Political Intrigue

A Night in Odessa tells the riveting story of Erika, a young German woman, and Michael, a Russian cardiologist, and their prohibited love in former East Germany. The author's experiences in Europe and her research at the Hoover Institution, place her in a unique position to write about the political atmosphere in East Germany after WWII and the drama of crossing the Iron Curtain.

What would be a light-hearted love story under democracy turns into a dangerous and chilling tale under communism. We meet the evil Chief of Police and Frieda, his police matron, and learn of Erika’s secret past. The young lovers’ quest for freedom takes them across the Iron Curtain, toiling through snow-covered mountains, slipping between mines, hiding from guards.

California, Odessa, and Dubrovnik are colorful stopovers in this fascinating, fast-paced novel. Award winning author, Ursula H. Meier, weaves a tale full of plot twists that surprise, enthrall, and delight.

A Night in Odessa

348 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9798633-4-9

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