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A collection of

Grandpa's Favorites
by Jerry E. Montgomery


When I was a young lad climbing the mountains of life, there were two things that kept me going, even in the toughest of times. One was common sense – the ability to think things thru logically, and then to act in a right and morally acceptable manner.

But life isn’t always fair; and we fall and we fail and we get hurt. That’s where a good sense of humor comes in handy. To be able to laugh in the face of adversity is a great gift. And it inspires and lifts the spirits of those around us. I’ve found that laughter is a great healer.

Now I’m on the other side of the mountain, growing older and watching my children and grandchildren in their climb upward. And I began wondering, “What have I learned that I might impart to them to help avoid a few pitfalls and to better enjoy the roses along the way”.

Hence the reason for “Grandpa’s Favorites”. It is full of meaningful bits of wisdom and verse along with some stories to tickle your funny bone. I hope you enjoy it.

— Jerry E. Montgomery


Grandpa's Favorites
Grandpa's Favorite Quotes, Things to Ponder, Stories, Bits of Verse, and Humor

6" x 9" • 88 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9796251-2-1

Published by: Robertson Publishing

Jerry fondly recalls growing up in Warner, Ohio (pop. 80) with his little dog Spot and his pet goat Scout. Times were hard in the Depression years, but people back then learned to appreciate the little they had and they survived by helping one another. That sense of values has served him well since.

Now as he enters the final leg of this worldly journey, he has compiled this book of his favorite quotes and stories to instill those same values in his grandchildren.

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Dreams to Decide

Written by Lori Montgomery ~ Compiled by Jerry E. Montgomery

Dreams to Decide is a different kind of book. The words came from the mind and heart of a young girl who lived every line she wrote. She was willing to deal with the deeper dimensions of life and was blessed with the ability to articulate those thoughts and feelings into meaninful verse.

The important significance of these writings lies in the ease with which people of all ages and circumstances can relate to them. They are not far out of abstract or limited by time. They are real to all who read them.

Lorinda Lee Montgomery was an unusually perceptive and sensitive young woman. She wrote about life and death and love and God. Of the joys and frustrations of every man in his search for truth; his reason for being. The poem "Snowflakes," is an example.

The Dream

What I scribble on thse pages will have little meaning to anyone. Anyone that is, except the people whose lives were touched by Lori. She was different things to different people... the good and the bad of the world mixed together. She tried hard to find answers to questions that man in all his earthly wisdom has never found answers for. She was old beyond her years, while deep inside just a little girl whose only real want was to love and to be needed and loved in return. Such a simple want. Yet very few of us ever experience it for more than a fleeting moment.

The Struggle

In her brief, chaotic, sometimes violent journey through the labyrinth of life, Lori lost her way many times. But she wasn't afraid of the struggle. And when she finally found the Great Beast (self) at the center of the maze, she wasn't afraid of the fight. Had there been enough time, I believe she would have won. Maybe she did win. I don't know.



A New Start

College was boring so she dropped out after one year. The work world offered no challenge, so she quit one job after another. By the summer of 1976 she was tired, broke and alone. Having no better alternative, she consented to come home. In the quiet of a wooded park on the edge of our small town, she spent the summer doing what she wanted most to do in life – writing. She referred to them as "love poems" because they reflected the deep inner feelings of joy and frustration in all human creatures.

Lori left us that fall, returned for Christmas, then left again. This time with confidence. There were new worlds for her to conquer and she had "dreams to decide."

Death–What Purpose?

Just two weeks after her departure, on a lonely road outside of Albany, Georgia, a car hit a bridge and Lori was dead.

I have given up futile reasoning or questioning God's plans for her. I only know there must have been a purpose for the twenty years she was here.

That purpose lies in the things she wrote. Hence the reason for ths book–to share them with you that they may brighten your day just a little.
--- her father


A book of poetry about man's never-ending search for the meaning of his existence.
A book written by a young girl
whose search has ended

$12.95 plus S&H

Hardback 5.25" x 7.75" 220 pp
ISBN 978-0-9727721-4-3

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