Critical Discourses on Gopal Parajuli

Critical Discources on Gopal Parajuli
A collection of critical commentaries

Edited by: Susan M. Griffith-Jones

Susan Griffith-Jones has assembled a collection of commentaries giving insite into Gopal Parajuli, his writings, and his place in history. The book contains essays penned by Gopal Parajuli and a variety of authors familiar with Gopal's body of work.
Contributors include:
Sanjeev Uprety Ph.D., teacher at the Central Department of English, Tribhuvan University.
Sandy Chilcote, poet, librarian, playwright and translator.
Govinda Raj Bhattarai Ph.D., who is involved in teaching Masters level language, linguistics and literature courses at Tribhuvan University.
Susan Griffith-Jones, film-maker from the UK.
Jaya Raj Acharya Ph.D., Senior Fellow at US Institute of Peace in Washington DC.
Shreedhar Gautam Ph.D., Associate professor of English at Tribhuvan University, columnist and scholar activist.
Tek B. Karki, critically acclaimed poet.
HB Bhandari Prabhat, published author of text books, books of critical commentary, and articles. He also teaches English Language and Literature at the Homeland Security Academy, and Baltimore Community College, USA.
Suresh Hachekali, has published a poetry collection. By profession he is a teacher. He is also one of the founders of Labyrinth Conscience, based on Post modern critical theory.
Tulasi Prasad Acharya, better known for his involvement on mass communication and journalism. He has authored a few books, and regularly contributes to national journals lending distinctive new approach. He currently teaches English at colleges in Kathmandu.
Mukti Ghimire 'Pathik', teaches English at Trichandra College. He has published poems, short stories and criticism.
Kamala Sarup, journalist, story writer and scholar activist. She has published two story collections. Currently a recipient of International Award for women issues from Geneva, is a writer on feminism.


"Gopal Parajuli, celebrated Nepali poet, dramatist and the winner of the 2004 Madan Puruskar (the highest literary award in Nepal) for his poetic text ‘Naya Ishwor Ko Ghoshana’ (Declaration of a New God), is a simple, honest, down-to-earth person, making a strong impact upon those who have the opportunity to get to know him. Vegetarian and teetotaler, one of the top boxers at national level for his weight in his heyday and selected for the post of Second Lieutenant in the Nepalese army in his 20s, Parajuli is currently the editor of ‘Garima’, Nepal’s foremost literary magazine. A man of simple tastes, Parajuli likes to walk long distances in the city of Kathmandu.
When he wields a pen, however, he becomes a changed man. He speaks with the voice of a prophet, and the words he sets upon the page breath fire. In ‘Naya Ishwor ko Ghoshana’, his most celebrated text so far, Gopalji speaks both like a warrior and a poet. Although the poetic personas that he creates in the text, Krishna Prasad and Vishnu Prasad generally speak like simple, down-to-earth common people, they also assume the tone of spiritual warriors fighting a perpetual battle against the forces of darkness..." —Sanjeev Uprety, Ph.D.
"Gopal Parajuli is a poet extra-ordinary, who composes ambrosial messages as though they were transmitted via God. His soul evokes true purpose of vitality... he as the ability to transform words on paper into the ethers of universal magic... Formations of true meaning out of the emptiness of humanities follies."
Michael Levy

About the Author:

Gopal Parajuli is a Postmodern Poet in Nepali Literature. He has published hundreds of poems, plays, short stories,essays, interviews & articles in most of the leading magazines and papers from Nepal & E-magazines-Poettext (U.K.), Cubed (Canada), Paradesh (USA), Panorama (Canada), Peace Media (  (America), Freenepal (Mosco), News Blaze (US), Pressbox (London), Scoop (Newzealand) and News From Bangladesh (Bangladesh).

Gopal Parajuli's other Literary works:
Samanantar Sadak(Parallel Roads), a play published by Ratna Pustak Bhandar, 2007
Nayan Ishwarko Ghoshana(Declaration of a New God), an epic poem published by International Nepali Literary Society (INLS), Washington D.C., America, 2004 (INLS Best Book Award)
Samayako Prasthan(The Departure of Time), an epic poem published by Yeti Nepali Association UK, 2002
Shabda Shatabdi (The Lost Century), an epic poem published by Sarvada Vangmaya Pratishthan, 2001
Deshmathi Alekh(A Salute to the Nation), an epic poem published by Nepal Academy, 1999
Arko Disha (New Direction), a collection of short stories published by Sajha Prakashan, 1998
Himalmathi Alekh(Mark on the Summit), an epic poem published by Nepal Academy, 1997
Dishahin Akash(The Broken Sky), a collection of short stories published by Sajha Prakashan, 1994
Prithbimathi Alekh(The Mother-Figure), an epic poem published by Sajha Prakashan, 1990
Sadakpachhi Sadak(Road After Road), a play published by Navin Prakashan, Baranasi (India), 1990
Golardhaka Dui Chheu  (The Two Extremes), a collection of one act plays Published by Sajha Prakashan, 1981 [Out of this collection two plays are taught at T.U. classes. The Two Extremes at bachelor's degree level in B.Ed. and B.A. The Sky Goes on Opening at master's level in M.Ed.]

"The world goes on creating new things. Literature is a creation, not a theory. The law of nature is that things change, thus new things come about. To neglect the novelty and potential of creation is to go against its absolute nature. In literature a writer rides on his experiments in thought, subject, language, style and so on and each one of my creations, I prefer to experiment with these aspects too." —Gopal Parajuli
Gopal Parajuli
Koteshwar, Kathmandu, Nepal
Telephone: 5522132 (0), 4482829 (R), 9841535213 (M)

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