~ Ira & Barbara Spector ~

A Month of Sundays

Villa Life in the South of France

By Ira & Barbara Spector

A humorous account of an American husband and wife who stumble upon the perfect villa rental on the French Riviera near St-Tropez. But will they find bliss – or the Bastille – as they attempt to live among the French?


From the Forward:

"Several years ago, my wife and I began spending the entire month of June in the South of France.  It all started when Barbara, a lawyer, needed a long break after a particularly acrimonious trial.  I enthusiastically supported this notion when she came home one day and threatened to smash her computer into a thousand byte-sized pieces because the hourglass had remained on the screen too long.

In our search for the perfect place to renew my wife, we discovered, purely by accident, that there are numerous affordable villas for rent in the hills along the Mediterranean coast; places where the most important decision we faced was whether to spend the day at the pool and take dinner on the patio, or go to the beach and dine at a seaside restaurant.

But questions arose: Could we as Americans, conditioned by a strict work ethic, actually spend an entire vacation doing nothing?  If we did, would we change?  Could we actually find peace when we knew little of the language and even less of the culture?  And finally, how much would it cost to do nothing?

This is the story of our discovery..."


A Month of Sundays

5" x 8" • 224 pages
Library of Congress #2003093203

Published by: Robertson Publishing

“I Chuckled, held my breath, shook my head in delight...”
~Elinor Griffith, Senior Editor, Reader’s Digest
“I really enjoyed this book! I didn't want to put it down.”
~Lynda Barrett
“Excellent descriptions and dialogue... I particularly liked the ending.”
~Louise Webb
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About The Authors:

Barbara & Ira Spector


Ira and Barbara Spector have lived in the beautiful hillside community of Los Gatos, California since 1973.

Barbara is a former high school teacher and college instructor who taught English literature, creative writing and political science before becoming a well-known civil trial attorney. She is currently the Mayor of Los Gatos.

Ira is a pilot and a former Silicon Valley CEO. He is the author of the novel LAST CHANCE, and his stories and articles have appeared in a variety of national publications including Reader's Digest.

In A MONTH OF SUNDAYS, Ira and Barbara joined forces to create a humorous account of renting a villa in the South of France. The couple’s individual writing style educates and entertains as they describe, in lighthearted fashion, the challenging and often unpredictable world of French culture and customs. As the authors say, "Think of Dave Barry meeting Peter Mayle in St-Tropez.”

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