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Westward Ho!

by LaVerne Uhte

“Go West, young man. Go West and grow up with the country” LaVerne's ancestors were doing this long before Horace Greeley wrote his oft quoted words in the 1840s.

LaVerne Brookover Uhte's story begins with her ancestor's 17 week voyage in 1754 from Europe to the British colonies in America. When the ship that carried Jacob Brookover from the land of his birth sailed into Chesapeake Bay, he found himself alone in a strange land at the age of sixteen. LaVerne tells how succeeding generations spread out in all directions from the eastern seaboard to the Pacific Ocean, and goes on to write about her eighty-five years, living through a time of accelerated cultural changes.

As LaVerne puts it, "Although the present is all we have because yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not yet, I can't help being interested in the past — it helped shape me and the circumstances under which I live today. My DNA and the culture into which I was born came down to me from countless sources, each one contributing to the person I became."

Every life is a story worth telling. She hopes that her stories will inspire others to face the future with hope and confidence.


Westward Ho!

Cover artwork by Creig Flessell
6" x 9" .. 344 pages
with photos

ISBN: 978-0-9798633-1-8
Published by: Robertson Publishing

"I didn’t start out to write a book. I just wanted to explain a few things. At first it was just to myself but it soon developed into a need to be understood by others. A desire for my family to know how and why I had become the person I am during the eighty-five years of history I've lived.

While my grandchildren are busily reaching for independence and adulthood and my children are thinking of retirement, I have leisure to reflect on the past. There have been some struggles, some successes, and some mistakes that were opportunities for growth, together with some humorous episodes. (How can you not like a vegetable that costs only three cents a pound?) There have been a few regrets to keep me humble but this book came together with a lot of love.

An ancestor’s name mentioned in a book of historical significance was interesting but ordinary lives also influenced the many generations that followed." ~ LaVerne Uhte

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About The Author:
LaVerne Uhte

LaVerne Brookover was born in Shawnee, Oklahoma on April 8, 1922. She spent some years in the state of Washington but lived most of her life in Northern California. She graduated from the University of California at Berkeley in 1946 with an AB in Social Welfare before marrying Warren Uhte.

By the time she received her PHT (Putting Hubby Through) degree she was launched on a career as a Mother. When that no longer engaged all her time and energy she became active in the League of Women Voters, served on the board of directors of a cooperative housing mutual and its managing corporation, and held leadership positions in local and area United Church of Christ activities.

Today LaVerne lives in Mill Valley, CA, on the edge of a marsh where fresh creek water mingles with the waters of the Pacific Ocean. At the age of 89, writing is her major interest. She keeps in touch with her family and friends via the Internet while serving her twenty-first year as Clerk of the Fairfax Community Church.

Cover for Westward Ho drawn by Creig Flessel:
Creig Flessel
Creig holding a self portrait.
(IJ photo/Jeff Vendsel)

Creig Flessel (February 2, 1912 — July 17, 2008) was an American comic book artist active from some of the earliest days of the medium, and an illustrator and cartoonist for magazines ranging from Boys' Life to Playboy. Flessel was a 2006 nominee for induction into the comic-book industry's Will Eisner Hall of Fame.

Creig was one of the founding artists of DC comics, and did Detective Comics covers before 'Batman'. Later he worked on the original 'Sandman' and 'The Shining Knight'. Despite many indexes and fanzines to the contrary, Flessel never inked Curt Swan's work and contributed pencils to only a handful of Superboy stories in the late fifties. His style was much looser than most of the DC pencillers of that era and shows greater use of brushwork, a variety of line weight and a closer attention to facial expressions.


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