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Woven of Water

by Luisa Adams

This collection of short stories and whimsical drawings in Woven of Water inspires the reader to discover meaning amid the loves and losses of growing up, growing old, and all the events in between. By taking this book in hand, you will create time for a personal retreat with the exquisite beauty of nature as your host. The reward, the splendor of grateful living, is priceless.

I give my deep gratitude to everyone over the last ten years who reminded me that it took courage, not perfection, to offer the world a written expression of love. ~Luisa Adams

"Woven of Water is a gem. Luisa Adams coaxes ten penetrating insights from the seemingly ordinary world of a small mountain lake. She transmits profound meaning from simple images with her eye for the sacred, her focus on sensual detail and an extremely talented pen — this little book will be on your bed stand for a long time."
~ Terry Pearce
Founder/President of Leadership Communications, author of Leading Out Loud
"Say, you happen to drive past Luisa's lake in the woods, would you recognize it as a place of enchantment? The answer will depend on the visual acuity of your heart. The adventure you find may not be the adventure you seek; it wasn't for Luisa Adams in Woven of Water. And yet — like a water lily rising from the muddy bottom of the lake — for you as for her, whatever life brings can blossom forth into the splendor of grateful living."
~ Brother David Stiendl-Rast
Benedictine monk, author of Gratefulness,
the Heart of Prayer, lecturer, co-founder of www.gratefulness.org
"Woven of Water immerses the reader in a mirrored landscape of inner and outer beauty. Luisa Adams' years of retreating for a month of solitude at an enchanted lake have yielded a sensitive collection of compelling stories and deep reflective insights. Her commitment inspires the reader to connect to nature, time, and daily life with fresh eyes and refreshed perspective on what truly matters."
~ Carolyn Foster
Coach, Retreat Leader, and author of The Family Patterns Workbook


Woven of Water

True stories inspired by an Enchanted Lake

6" x 9" • 128 pages

Published by: Robertson Publishing

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5 starsa Real room of her own~Lynn Scott
Woven of Water by Luisa Adams could be the dream of every woman with some history behind her, needing a clear view of what the future holds, and has an urge to express it by whatever form of creative genre occurs to her. How often I have imagined a cabin (with the amenities) where I was alone for a considerable time: to ponder, observe what happens around me in nature, dream, do nothing, lie still outdoors, and write. She does this so well. I was held by each of her essays. Without blame or guilt she talks of difficult situations in her family, giving the reader another model of how to handle those inevitable dramas that arise if we are alive! Thank you Luisa.

5 starsA treasure of insight and wisdom!~Pricilla
This book is a treasure of short stories full of insight and wisdom! Written over a ten year period during an annual month-long retreat at a small mountain lake, each story is drawn from a particular moment in the author's life. I was amazed at how many of the stories mirror my own life experiences. Whether it is stories from her past or observations from the present, she calls attention to the importance of reflection and stillness amidst the challenge of living our demanding lives. Her sensitive observations of nature are a gentle reminder to me to slow down and make more time to absorb the beauty of the world around me.

5 starsA truly luscious book: small and elegant and real.~Caroline
Luisa Adams invites us into a world of beauty and truth with poetically beautiful prose and clear insights that touch all our lives. I could not stop reading. Luisa has a way of describing her personal experiences with metaphors that touched me deeply. In the first chapter, she describes her love of swimming with "This was not the world of trying. Effort sat down at the door, heavy in her overcoat of duty, as I plunged into the warm waters of a reality I loved." Reading this, I was plunged into the waters of my own reality of trying and yearning to leave this trying at the door. Luisa Adams goes on to speak of many universal life issues - birth, step-parenting, grief, divorce, death, love, share connection - in a way that speaks to all of us. Although I don't usually like short stories, and often don't finish books I begin, I raced through this book, knowing I would return to savor each word. Luisa welcomes readers to experience her joys and fears at the cabin by the lake. When she writes of the lake forest, near the end, "It is a homecoming, one I believe that has roots in the deep longings of the human heart to experience a sense of connection." I felt she was describing her own book. I experienced this sense of connection throughout. So leave your duty at the door and gift yourself with some quiet moments of reflection in company of Woven of Water. You will not be disappointed.

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Luisa Adams
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Sierra Mountain Times

Woven of Water: A Wonderful, Lovely Little Book
By Jerry Whitehead III

Right from the beginning, I knew Luisa Adams’ paperback “Woven of Water” was a book written about and for the fairer sex. From the very first sentence of the very first chapter (“The spiraling animation of water makes me believe that its essence is feminine. Before my eyes, the fourteen-acre lake becomes the poetry of a voluptuous woman. It takes on the persona of one of Diego Rivera’s classic paintings of a female figure with calla lines, The Gatherer.”), I knew that there would be no mention of the NFL, video games or muscle cars.

I entertained the thought of merely skimming the book to save me from what I felt would be certain confinement in an estrogenical prison. But yet, even as a typical red-blooded male, I found myself captivated by Adams’ absolute mastery of the written word and compelled to finish the 112-page novella in a matter of hours. I simply couldn’t put it down... Read More

The Author
Luisa Adams

Luisa Adams is an award winning writer, educator, workshop leader, and Licensed Brain Gym® Consultant. She is the mother of five, grandmother of eight, and resides with her husband, Dave, in San Mateo, California when not living by the enchanted lake.

Luisa can be reached at Luisa.Adams@gmail.com.


The Illustrator
  Woven of Water contains drawings by Jim Murphy, an award winning illustrator and graphic designer whose creative work has graced the pages of regional and national magazines. His fine art credits include representation in the Air Force Art Collection - Washington D.C. and many private and corporate collections. Jim currently resides in Danville, California with his wife Pat.

Jim can be reached at jimmurphycreative@yahoo.com

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